Monday, March 21, 2011

XDebugButton. Php XDebug with Vim.

Vim is fucking awesome. Vim is fucking extensible.
You may find a lot of plugins transforming it in a perfect IDE for you programming language.
One of the best plugin for php programmers is xdebug, which runs a debug session right into vim.
On the web you may find many articles, explaining how-to install it and make it working (it involves some configurations in vim, php.ini), here is the one I read.
Once you have installed it and made it working, you'll know that to activate the connection between vim and the server you have to recharge the web page passing a get variable: XDEBUG_SESSION_START=1
Now here comes my work, very easy indeed, but was my first firefox addon developement.
I wrote a firefox extension that appends automatically the paramether at  the url, checking for the right symbol to insert (& or ?).
You may find my addon source, with the instructions on how-to install it on my github account here.
From command line you may simply clone my project (install git first)
git clone git://
If you find errors or bugs please write to

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