Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The really first (I hope)

Well, hi all!
Starting from now Abidiblog changes a lot his purposals, his language, and many other things...
All previous posts (all in italian language) may be founded here:
under the abidiblog section.
Now what happens? Simply I began studying more deeply some php concepts, some js libraries and so on, and I think time has come to share some informations to a larger public, and in a more professional way.
So I decided to re-start my blog, not using my site and CMS to save time in writing articles and to center the entire stuff on Informatic, excluding all other things like maps, personal informations, services, news, calendars and many other things you may always find at the previous address. For the same reason I decided to write in English, so my first posts and not only the firsts' will be full of errors because my english was a bit supressed by spanish, but that may be even a good way to refresh it properly.
Here all the explaination, from the next posts only usefull (I hope) stuff.

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